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Casual Affairs - The Roseann Quinn Story

1954: Bay Village, OHio

Sam and Marilyn Sheppard seemed to have it all. He was a dreamy doctor and she looked like a movie star. When he becomes the prime suspect in his wife’s brutal murder, the story turns into a decades-long legal drama that enthralled the country, and inspired the movie The Fugitive.

A trial like this, with its elements of doubt, is the greatest human story of all. This is the real thing. This trial has everything the public clamors for.

– Ernest Hemingway

Media frenzy

The media coverage of Sam Sheppard’s trial was questioned for bias and whether or not the media impacted Sam’s right to receive a fair trial.

Television played a key role in sensationalizing the Sheppard case.

Blood Spatter analysis

The Sam Shepperd case marked one of the earliest instances of the legal system recognizing the importance of blood spatter analysis. Dr. Paul Kirk showed the position of the assailant and the victim as well as showing that the assailant struck the victim with his left hand.

Then & Now: The attorney

Sheppard's attorney, F. Lee Bailey, later went on to represent O.J. Simpson. Bailey once said that the Sheppard case was probably the greatest whodunit in the history of the country.