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Casual Affairs - The Roseann Quinn Story

1973: New York, New york

On the first day of the new year in 1973, Roseann Quinn, a school teacher for the deaf in New York City, was found dead in her studio apartment. Her murder became a cautionary tale for single girls everywhere, immortalized in the book and movie Looking for Mr. Goodbar.

She had a friendly, pleasing
personality, not only with the children,
but also with the other teachers.

– Colleague

The Police & Newspapers

Both dwelled on the fact that Roseann frequented
bars and invited men up to her apartment.

Then & Now


Roseann Quinn’s 250-square-foot studio apartment on the 7th floor. A similar apartment in the same building would rent today for $2,900.


Roseann Quinn’s local bar was across the street from her apartment. After her murder, it was renamed the All State Cafe.

The Sexual

It was the '70s. The sexual revolution was still going on and many weren't used to the notion of free love.