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Murder of Innocence - The story of the nurses

1966: Chicago, Illinois

Eight nursing students, dedicated to saving lives and helping others, were murdered in their dorm apartment. One survived to confront the killer.

The manhunt begins

There were race riots happening in Chicago, cops were being shot, the department was stretched thin. It was a horrible time for a manhunt to take place.

Chicago was in the midst of a killer heatwave that July – contributing to the deaths of more than 1,000 people.

Victim Gloria Davey resembled the killer’s wife. She was the only one he raped.

Another victim, Pamela Wilkening, spat in the killer’s face and told him that she would "pick him out of a line up." 


The sole survivor during
this killing spree was
described as “a blend
of steel and lace.”

This was the first time that young
women, literally asleep in their beds in a middle-class crime-free neighborhood, were stabbed and strangled to death for absolutely no reason.

– William J. Martin Cook County Assistant State's Attorney

Five of the six student nurses shown here days before they were killed. CREDIT: ROLLS PRESS/POPPERFOTO

Then & Now:
Finger Print Analysis

  • 1966 Fingerprints had to be physically transported from Chicago to DC and could take up to a week to analyze.
  • 2015 Forensics labs can get a fingerprint match as quick as 48 hours.